Amaze safe n clean



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Amaze Safe 'N' Clean
Amaze Safe 'N' Clean is a non toxic, non caustic and 100% biodegradable all purpose cleaner. It cleans everything from bathrooms to antiques. Uses include ovens, baked on pans, stainless steel sinks, ceramics, tiles, all metals and fibreglass, paintwork. This can be used as a great hand cleaner too.

Amaze is applied with a damp cloth. Rub paste well in and then rinse or wipe away with clean damp cloth, for stubborn burns (pots and pans) marks, leave for a few minutes and use a gently scourier.

Amaze Safe 'N' Clean is slightly abrasive so test delicate surfaces on a small area first. Once you have Amaze there is no turning back.


Slurpex Chamios Block
Slurpex is a super absorbent PVA chamios block. The Slurpex absorbs fast on spills and can hold up to 30 times its own weight in liquid, so a spill can easily be mopped up and transfered to the sink or tub without dripping on the way.

Removes most stains and spills from carpet, helps clean and dry immediately. The Slurpex can also remove fluff and pet hair from furnishings. It comes with instructions to help remove old stubborn stains from carpet.

Washed after use and kept in its container it will last for years and years. This can be kept clean by washing in bleach and if it is dry to the hand, soak in warm water for a few minutes to soften.

12 months warranty.